Website Repair

Whether you need us to fix some broken code or your website has been hacked, our team of skilled developers and security analysts are on-hand to assist you in any way we can.

Hacked Website Recovery

Websites are constantly under attack from a combination of individuals with  and automated software looking to find weaknesses and exploit them in order to distribute malware, send spam emails and steal personal data. 

These actions carry serious consequences. For example, in terms of SEO, your website’s Google ranking can be affected as a result of being penalised for housing viruses that you’re not even aware of. In terms of spam distribution, you may stop sending and receiving emails altogether because unbeknownst to you, your mail server has been blacklisted for sending out spam.

What’s more is that a large number of websites are now built using Content Management Systems (CMS’). (As of 2018, over 30% of all websites on the internet are running on WordPress)

Content Management Systems are great for convenience due to their ease-of-use, but they require consistent updates to minimise security risks.

Plugins and themes require constant upkeep to prevent hackers exploiting vulnerabilites in their code and gaining access to your data, 

All of these scenarios are extremely time-sensitive and business-crippling, so why wait for the problems to escalate? Get in touch with our security experts today for a free consultation on how we can clean up your site and ensure it’s secure going forward.

Broken Code Repairs

Of course not every broken website is the result of nefarious intervention, sometimes developers just need a helping hand with broken code or incompatible plugins – we’re happy to assist with these too, so get in touch below.