Based in London, Klikkit specialises in professional website design. We also offer affordable web hosting and website maintenance.

Based in Croydon with a focus on supporting businesses in London and the surrounding areas, Klikkit is a web design studio comprised of creatives from varying fields with a shared obsession for design and the development of ideas.

We share a belief in the bedroom business – the idea that everyone is simply a dream away from creating the next big thing and the internet has provided the perfect platform to help entrepreneurs share their visions.

Whether you want to host your own radio show or to expand your clothing label online – we want to help your ideas become the next big thing.

Whether it’s a niche you’re looking to develop or you simply want to sell your product online, our aim is to assist businesses establish an online presence for their brand with high quality websites.

Are you looking to take your business online or does your existing website just need a refresh?

We can help you with everything from a colour scheme consultation to enterprise level hosting and security, whilst helping you dominate the digital market.

Why Klikkit?

There are six key focuses that every web developer should be focusing on, and here’s what we believe sets us apart from the competition


Whilst we strive to create websites that are unique, we realise that great design in a practical sense isn't just how something looks - it's about how we interact with it and make the user experience as pleasing as possible

Content Writing

We understand the real difficulty in SEO is creating original content that has great readability whilst also maintaining a human feel, as opposed to walls of text that exist simply to tick all of Google's boxes


All of our products are optimised from the ground up, from server hardware in the back-end to image compression at the front-end for maximum efficiency


We study analytics and trends to help set you apart from the competition and market yourself to the right audiences, ensuring that people are viewing your content first


Our proprietary Intrusion Prevention System combined with the most affordable SSLs on the market from Comodo ensure peace of mind for both you and your audience

Responsive Design

We recognise the importance of mobile browsing and thanks to our optimisation we're able to produce websites that are lightning fast and display consistently across all devices
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Our Clients

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